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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm not very good at Photoshop, can you give me some pointers to get started?

There is a help doc included with the download file, along with a sample that should take you through the steps. Happy to offer some guidance if getting stuck somewhere..

I'm getting a weird background when I drag into a new document.

Is your new document in RGB? If not, start in RGB and convert to CMYK at the end of your process if required.

Does this work in Photoshop Elements?

Products are untested in PS Elements and many use layers, so should be considered not to work in PSE. But we have heard feedback that some products work just fine.

What is that font used on that thing?

Most products list the fonts used in sample imagery in the product description at the bottom.

How do I make this work for saving transparent PNGs?

Here is one method for making transparent layers for saving as PNGs. (Using Neon Type as an example)

Make transparent PNG Neon Type

- Each character has a group of layers
- Marquee select the Diffuse layer of the desired character (Cmd click the layer)
- With this selected, make this a mask layer on each layer of the character, except for the ‘Shadow’ layer
- Make ‘Shadow’ layer full opacity and fill any transparent areas with white
- Add a ‘layer mask’ to the ‘Shadow’ layer
- Copy the Shadow layer and paste it into the layer mask (option/alt click layer mask layer)
- Then inverse the layer mask
- You should now have an image ready to save as transparent png